DirecTV Whole Home Control

Just started using roomie and I have a few questions.

  1. I cannot see my shows on the remote under “Current Show” with my DirecTV reciever how can I fix this?

2)How can I use Anynet+ to turn on my TV ( I have a samsung D6420 and a pioneer reciever ) ?

If you need more information please let me know! Thanks for the help!


There is no field labelled “Current Show” so we’re not sure what you are referring to. Make sure you are using an Activity not just a Remote. The Tutorial video on the right side of this page is a great place to start learning about Roomie.

Anynet+ rarely works. If it works for you, you should definitely feel lucky. There is one scenario we know of that works and that is with the latest Onkyo receivers. While there may be more, we would suggest always using IR with any Samsung.

When i click on directv activity it comes up with 3 boxes at the bottom of the remote that are supposed to show the current show, channel, and episode. These boxes are blank. How can i fix this?

Have you turned on Whole Home Control on the DirecTV box? Which model are you using?

That fixed it! Thank You!