Dish Network IR setup?

I am trying to setup a Dish Network DVRPAL DVR which is basically a OTA DVR, it uses the same remote as the Dish Network 522 and 622 Satellite receiver(5.3IR). I have set up the IR blaster on Port 3 and have other IR devices working. I have tried most of the choices on the Dish Satellite page, my remote is set on 01, I have tried the address 1, 2, 3, 4, and the 7000 series choices. changed the retransmit count to 2. any ideas??

Other suggestions might include making sure IR control is turned on in the receiver as Dish often uses RF-only as a default configuration. Switching to an emitter as a test would be good. Also, trying a Retransmit Count of at least 3. Finally, learning the codes from your remote may also be an option worth trying.

I could not find any settings where I could select IR or RF, this is the remote I’m using … B000MXAF2S

I have the same problem. I spoke to a Dish tech and she had no idea, but i was able to find that the Dish remote was using IR and confirmed that by covering the remote blaster. Every other component set up perfectly, but my Dish DVR 622 will not turn on.

Did you solve this issue? If your box is like the VIP722k that has two zones then you need an adaptor to do IR on both zones. (I have one if you need it)