Display A Picture File / HTML Doccument


Thank you for a great product. Integration with Alexa has obviated my need for a hard button remote.

Please consider putting in a command that can at least display an image; Ideally, displaying an HTML page
would be great.

I have an activity call “Voice command help” that displays the commands that can be issued to Alexa.
Right now, the voice command prompts (“tell simple control to watch movies.”, “tell simple control…”) are buttons…

It would be nice if I can display at lease a JPG/PNG. Using the URL command to display an HTML page
does not work if the ios device is in guided access mode. Even if I set the URL command to open inside Simple Control,
this does not open the HTML page if the device is in Guided access mode.

-Thank you again

The DDK shows how to create a completely custom remote pixel for pixel. If all you need is a background image as it sounds, you don’t even need the DDK. Just specify an image in the Remote Design.

Thank you.