DMP-BDT320 Power over IP

I have setup roomie to work over IP with a Panasonic 320 blu ray and have followed the instructions to use a play command to turn on the unit.

I have a problem in that after the unit has been powered off for a few hours it does not respond to any IP commands (they all show red) - the only way to power the unit is with the stock remote via IR.

I have turned on remote devices ( which also turns on quick start) and but for this issue roomie controls the player superbly. I have tried with a wired and wireless connection and even tried sending a wake on LAN command.

Is there a setting I am missing or does Panasonic have some power saving timer on this model?

This is not the first report we’ve had of that specifically with the 320 model. All reports are good on the 220 and 210, but we have scattered reports of the 320 misbehaving. We’re not sure what’s going on there, but basically that model may have some kind of sleep mode where it stops listening after a while. It may be a firmware bug. It may be something that only affects some units. We have some users who say it works fine. It’s not clear.

If you end up adding it via infrared as well, remember to keep the IP version of the device set in your Activity as ‘Opens Remote’ to retain the excellent feedback provided on that model.

We should also be getting the 230 shortly for testing.

Thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply. I nearly went for the 220 - never mind!

I’ve not got IR as yet but have ordered a flex wifi with a blaster from your store. It may be a while before it arrives in the UK as I don’t think the blasters are out yet.

I also fired an email off to Panasonic customer service to see whether this is a feature or a fault. I will let you know if I receive a response although I doubt it will be as quick as yours.

Panasonic are insisting that you cannot power on the 320 from standby by IP even though the settings on the device say that with the QuickStart feature switched on a Remote Device can power on the unit from standby at the expense of more power consumption. I am going round in circles it seems. I have even sent pictures of the 320 settings screen.

Has anybody got the 320 or even the 220 to turn on either by power toggle or the play command?

I can power on 220 in my bedroom with the play command.

Try turning off power tracking & see if that fixes it.

It’s a problem with the 320 not in Roomie. The 320 cannot be turned on even with the Panasonic app after it has been turned off for a short time. I’m thinking it is some kind of power saving feature that disables the network after a set time but I cannot find any mention of this in the user manual.

The only setting I can find is QuickStart which it says when set to On should allow me to turn on the 320 by a Remote Device when in standby. Customer services at Panasonic are just repeating their email to me that the 320 cannot be turned on by IP - only controlled once it is on.

Just as an update on this I received the following from Panasonic Customer Services today-

"In response, please know that, I am afraid that this player will not power on via an IP command over a network connection, none of our products do.

There are no firmware updates to make this happen either.

With regards to ‘Quickstart’ having this feature turned on enables the player to power on faster than if the ‘Quickstart’ option was turned off.

I trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us."

jansimon has already confirmed that the 220 can be remotely turned on. Has anyone got the 320 to work?

I sent them a picture of the settings on the 320 that say it can be turned on from a remote device if the quickstart setting is set to on but they have so far ignored my requests for an explanation.

Given that we know for certain some of those statements they gave you are simply false, it’s safe to say that level of support doesn’t really know the answers. Many of Panasonic’s TVs power on via IP and have clear user interface and documentation stating that they do so. The 210/310 models from 2011 as well as the 220 model from 2012 also power on via IP as has been well proven.

Regardless, it is likely safe to assume they will never fix this at least in the 320 model from 2012.

Thank you.

A recent firmware update labelled version 1.63 finally seems to have resolved the power on via IP problem with the Panasonic BDT-320 model from 2012. We have tested this successfully over a couple of days and it appears this is resolved.

Note that the 230/330 models from 2013 still have no IP control whatsoever which is pretty unique in the industry at this point, those models were just not ready for prime time and should be avoided as they also revised their marketing to act like the deficiency was by design. The 220/320 models are now good alternatives if you want to use Panasonic.

Thank you.

I actually wrote a written letter of complaint to Panasonic about this issue (not something I would normally do) as their responses on this were shambolic and confusing. They insisted that none of their devices had this feature despite a lot of evidence to the contrary. I purchased a Flex Wifi so I could work without this feature but it became a matter of principal.

Their last communication on the issue was that they were going to update the firmware to remove the text on the device that said it was possible rather than fix the fault itself. I’m glad they changed their mind.

The fact that I get notification from Roomie, rather than Panasonic, that the fault is fixed speaks volumes. Thank you for your excellent service on this.