Do I need a hub or just simple sync?

Confused, what is the difference between the hub and the standalone sync software? If I have a networked Mac that can host the sync software, do I need the hub?

Thanks for any input.

Each edition does have some degree of unique specialization outside the core functionality. Simple Sync for OS X for instance will control the OS X system that it is on. That obviously does not apply to other editions. Simple Sync OS X also has some local backup/restore functionality that does not apply to others.

Beyond that, all of the functionality is generally the same. Regardless of system of course, you need to make sure it never goes to sleep and that Simple Sync is always running. In the case of Android and OS X, we make sure it runs in the background. For Simple Hub, you don’t need to worry about any of that of course.

I think the calculation usually goes something like a dedicated Mac Mini is $499, a dedicated (of very good quality that can run 24/7 powered) Android device can cost a fair amount especially once you venture into the small subset that have built-in Ethernet and a recent OS version, but is usually less than the cheapest Mac Mini, and then a Simple Hub is a dedicated Android device with Ethernet designed for this purpose with automatic update of Simple Sync.

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Is it possible to use Simple Sync on an Android device with Simple Control on an iPhone? And what did you mean by “built-in ethernet” in your previous post? Does the Android device running Simple Sync need to be connected via ethernet to work?

Lastly, if an iPhone can be used with Simple Sync on an Android device, can you tell me how to activate a license on the Android Simple Sync software? I can’t seem to find any place within the software to activate a license. The only settings/options within the software are “preferences” and “about” and neither provides an option to activate a license.

No, it doesn’t have to be connected via Ethernet. It’s just logical/better/faster/good to do that of course because there’s no need for such a function to be wireless and it should be wired.

There is no physical license for Simple Sync. You just Sign In using Simple Control and pair with it.

We have a Simple Sync User’s Guide that covers many of these topics in great detail:

Thank you.