Do multiple iOS devices share same configuration?

I see the FAQ that multiple iOS devices can share the app as long as they are on the same account

However, can you clarify whether each device will share the same roomie configuration for your home setup (once it is setup on the first iOS device) or do components/activities need to be setup individually on each iOS device? In my experience with sharing apps within one iTunes account across iOS devices, each device usually has its own local configuration/preferences/history for a given app (e.g. game progress and scores). Obviously it would be preferable to setup roomie only once but I’m curious if this is even possible.


Never mind found the answer on the features page (c&p below). Sorry didn’t make it that far down since I was too busy drooling over the rest of the features :slight_smile: and reading the FAQ.

Synchronization and Backup

Roomie is integrated with Dropbox to allow instant cloud-based synchronization between multiple iOS remotes in your household.

iTunes™ File Sharing is also supported for local synchronization and backup.