Documentation for advanced button customization

Is there more detailed docs than in the current user manual on how to configure custom buttons (all the the button types)?

I want to experiment with “list buttons” that create a collapsable menu of options, but I haven’t found any detailed description of how to do this and Simple Control app allows me to set a “list prefix” but doesn’t clarify how I use it or reference it to link buttons into a hierarchy list.

Custom buttons are not really covered in the User’s Guide. That’s in the DDK: … om-device/

Thank you.

+1 for some guidance here. I read through the DDK and I see how to add custom command sets or add mappings to an image. I am still searching for info on how to use the “Edit Design” feature for a new remote. For instance a default device remote (enabled by Show Remote in Activities) might have a list for selecting inputs.

I would like to add a “Source” drop down list in a custom remote design. Then I would like to add custom names to the list such as: Airplay, Echo, DirecTV, Spotify and then have the selected list item do commands or an activity.

It seems like this is possible but the function eludes me. I can add a button for the list but I cannot figure out how to add items to the dropdown. I would be happy to use the DDK if you point me to the section that starts to explain this.

Thank you!

I agree - the DDK really doesn’t explain how to do some of the customization of the UI. There is a need for documentation that is more advanced but not for a programmer/device implementor.