does global cache itach "drop-in" replace original Roomie IR device?

I have 2 of the original network IR devices with the special pigtails in my setup - they both seem to have died in the past month. I don’t know why.

Is there a “factory reset” procedure for them? And if that doesn’t work…

Does the iTach product simply drop-in and replace the old IR devices? I know I will have to update their IP’s - I’m wonder if the app will easily transition to the new device? And the 3 port IR output dongles…

Yes, they are identical modulo the logo.

Global Caché has tools/apps that reset them. They work the same.

Yes, you can swap them. Swapping to a different product may not be as simple. Use iTach Flex to replace any Roomie Blaster for instance. These are all linked on our website in the Compatibility page.