does v5 support LightwaveRF event?


Any user have LightwaveRF devices and know how to add comment in activities so the LightwaveRF event can be triggered? With individual devices such as dimmer, you change the parameter with room, device and on/off, what do we do with event?


Found the answer myself in the end, and I put some instruction here for the user who might want to use at their home.

The LightwaveRF event feature is provided to allow combining few LightwaveRF command together with time delay to execute them. In order to trigger it the user need to know the event ID of the event they created on their mobile device or web portal. To get this event ID, they need to logon to web portal and click on event, chose the one they want to trigger and select edit. The page URL will show something similar as below, which contains the event ID.

After get the event ID the following procedure is required in order to trigger it.
1. Assume the LightwaveRF hub has already been added as device to the simple control device.
2. Choose a activity you want to use and click on add command
3. Select the device -> select the action as set .event -> in the paramter put in following
Please remember to put capital E at front of event ID
4. This should allow the lightwaveRF event been triggered through simple control

The above method have one issue, that is the device that run trigger the event has to be registered with LightwaveRF hub!!! This is difficult when user wants a activity to be run from dedicated hub such as Apple TV device, where it’s NOT registered with LightwaveRF hub since it don’t have local app to run on the Apple TV device.