Dropbox API End of Life for 4.5.X on 12/31/17

Dropbox recently announced the end of life for the API used by many products to integrate with them including all old versions of Simple Control and Roomie Remote.

In V5, we no longer use Dropbox, so we have already migrated away and therefore this is not a concern for current users. For those users still on any older release, the Simple Service Backup option is one alternative already part of the older releases.

Please plan to migrate away from Dropbox as your backup solution before the end of the year. You can simply copy a Dropbox Backup (the set of files plus images folder if applicable) to your iCloud Simple Control folder, and Restore from iCloud using V5 as one good solution if you need to restore. Also remember that installing V5 alongside V4 does not require any backup/restore. The V4 configuration is automatically adopted and upgraded by V5.

Dropbox just extended this shutoff time to February 1, 2018 at 9:00am PST.

I have multiple iPads that cannot upgrade to iOS 11. What do you suggest I do, short of getting rid of the idpad. These iPads are used mainly for Simple Control in various rooms

Simple Service Backup is already there as an alternate if the device needs to stay on 4.5. It does have some limitations though. For instance, it did not support custom image insertion and a few other things. I would plan to upgrade to V5 as soon as possible beyond that.

I’m now using Simple Service as the backup option for 4.5 since Dropbox has been discontinued. I have and older IPad that precludes me from migration to 5.0. I have a custom device file that I have maintained and upload thru dropbox in the past. Where can I find the Simple Service Files so that I can place this plist file in that location?

I don’t see my Icloud drive with any folders like this.

To have file access to your backup to perform such things as adding new code sets, you will need to use iCloud which is supported in V5 per above.