Dropbox Polling

Can you describe how this works? I have multiple iOS devices and would like them to auto update when I make a change to one of the devices. Is that the idea with polling? I have not played with it because I am a little nervous about losing changes. Any instructions would be appreciated.

I am really enjoying the remote, thank you for making an outstanding product.

Dropbox Polling is designed for a central integrator approach. If you just have a few personal devices you want to keep synchronized, the iCloud Synchronization is likely to be the simpler solution. Dropbox Polling would be better for cases where one device is a master device and the other devices poll for changes from it. Whenever you want to update all devices to a new configuration, you would upload your changes from the master device. Any device with Dropbox Polling turned on would then update within about 60 seconds. Unlike iCloud Synchronization, it’s more of a one-way concept.