Dropping SimpleHub connection

My iPhone (iOS 11) has started dropping and/or taking minutes to connect to SimpleHub (mac-mini, Sierra).

It used to work fine but now, not.

I’m using Caffeine to keep my Mac awake, and the wifi is at max strength.

Am tempted to stop using the Hub. What would be pros and cons of dropping the Hub?



Did it break after upgrading iPhone to iOS-11?

I’m running Simple-Hub for Mac. All good here.

Mac-Mini (Late 2012)

  • but with Ethernet hard-line wire (WiFi disabled)
  • macOS Sierra
  • Computer Sleep: Never, Display Sleep: 10 mins
  • HDD-Sleep and Wake for Network both checked/enabled
    iPhone-5 but with iOS-10.x
  • Simple Control 4.5.x in Guided Mode
  • Allowed to Sleep after 30 minutes (but Simple-Hub handles sync fine)

I use a Fixed-IP for Mac, but I suppose a “Reserved IP” at router is about the same end-result.
Mac can even be “headless” and you can connect by RealVNC VNC-Viewer for light duty.

If you stop using the Simple-Hub, you will not have it’s Features available any more. I suppose you could try turning an iOS device into a Simple-Hub. Maybe, even the one you use as your main-remote.

Sorry about tardy reply.

No, it doesn’t seem to be an IOs11 thing.

Just takes for ever to connect to my Simple Hub.
Oddly, it also takes forever to connect to my Denon 1200W AVR.
Maybe they are connected?

My setup is:
My wife and I using SimpleControl on our iPhones.
Simple Hub on Mac OS.
Caffeine to keep the Mac awake.

What is guided mode? I can’t find it.


I’ve also changed a setting on my router - I have disabled ‘Authoritative DHCP’.
Will report back.



Blockquote[quote=“spembery3081, post:3, topic:2424”]
Oddly, it also takes forever to connect to my Denon 1200W AVR.

Yes, I would fix that first if possible.

I’ve never really seen that or used that option.

I’ve had the best luck with Fixed-IPs (outside of DHCP range) . Alternatively, when using IPs handed-out from DHCP, I always go into Router and Reserve that IP to that device so it always grabs the same one.
One way or the other, seems like devices are more easily found on the network if their IPs aren’t changing all the time.

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So the router setting made no difference, but the problem is when my wife and I are in the same room at the same time, each running the app.

Closing and restarting the app, gains control.

I suspect that it’s a limitation of my Denon AVR. Any thoughts?


Covered in KB:


Thanks Will - I just found it myself. Only took three months!


Thanks again Will. Not only does it work well now, it’s faster too!
FYI, Denon issued a firmware upgrade in the UK for the AVR X1200W two days ago, it still works and the sound’s improved as well.