DSC and Honeywell Security control via Envisalink

Is there any anticipation of adding the Envisalink EVL-3 as a supported device? The EVL-3 allows select DSC and Honeywell panels control via an IP address. Envisalink states that they will continue to integrate with other systems. Adding the EVL-3 to Roomie will allow a lot of users control of their security system from inside Roomie, which would be awesome and add another aspect of WHA.

Would love to see this as well. I am going to be installing this soon and would would be more than happy to beta.


I just installed my EVL-3 and would really like this too.

This would be cool to use with ibeacon feature in roomie. Specially when your theater is on its own partition to keep kids out.

It’d also be nice to arm alarm to stay while watching movies so someone doesn’t sneak in unheard while watching movies loud. Or disarm and unlock door if friend stops by.

+1 for Envisalink Envisalink EVL-3 support

Roomie remote kicks butt!

Any update to this request? I see that this device is compatible with Vera. Could the alarm system be controlled via Vera/Roomie if direct support of the Envisalink is not available?