Dual IR Emitters

Tried and failed miserably last night to use the iTach Flex and tri-port with a dual IR emitter from SnapAV (customer has 4 IR-only devices). Are there any other dual emitters that are known to work well? I see the Xantech 286D on Roomie’s Amazon site, but do not know whether it works well with the Flex, or just with the regular iTach.

I spoke with tech support over at Global Cache re: splitting the beam; they suggested getting an IR emitter with no blink; this way it should still have enough juice to run both devices. You can find such an animal over at SmartHome.com (dual spitter is pn-8171S, single emitter is pn-8170S) – unfortunately, they don’t sell mono y splitters; I had to order one off Amazon (pn-IR9324G). The tech recommended no more than two emitters per port, though.

I’ll post again once I actually have the items and get a chance to try them out.


PS – if you do have an iTach IP2IR (black and red box, ethernet) and are having issues with the blaster’s range give Global Cache a call at 541-899-4800 – they can walk you through determining if yours is part of a batch that need to be swapped out. Cheers!

Thanks for the info, garisimo! I’ll try a few different brands. As you alluded, the SnapAV dual has a feedback light, so that might be the culprit. I just don’t want to go to either full IR distribution block or another iTach Flex for just one too many devices.

As an update to the blaster issue, I received the replacement from Global Cache and it works great – I can control equipment across the room, now. As to the splitter with the dual emitters, I will post later when I have a chance to set it up.



Splitter is set up with one ir to the ATV, the other to a fan; works great!


Xantech 286D does indeed work well with the Flex. Also tried successfully with no-name IR emitters (no visible feedback) with Radio Shack mono splitter.