Dune HD Player Issue

I have a Dune Smart HD player and everything works perfectly except the play button! Pause, FF, RW, everything works but Play. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix or a workaround?


Anyone? This is getting really frustrating…

We have not heard of this behavior from other Dune users. We’re using their published codes here:


There is only one instance of the Play command. One quick check of course would be to make sure you’re using the latest firmware.

I suppose I should have specified that I am using the latest firmware and I am using IP control, not IR. Please advise.


I did try the http url emulating the IR codes from my browser on my PC and it works perfectly. Is there a way to simply replace the play command with the following string?

We’ll get that code swapped in this week’s update.


I did just notice I posted with the ip address. I’m assuming you can set it up to dynamically use the specified ip. Im probably showing my ignorance into your coding ut I thought I would mention it :slight_smile:

Thank you again! I love this app. My wife can use our home theater now!!!

This was just deployed to live.