Dune media players


can you add features like other players have?

Elapsed Time, Total Time, Scrubbing Slider, Playback Speed

some documentation for it:



We can work with you in support to add that. Basically, we just need to get diagnostics from your box to confirm formatting issues.

Thank you.

I would be happy to test it out for you. I have a Dune HD Smart D1

contact me about beta tester details.

any news or progress?


I’m new to roomie and still trying to get it to the point where I have an option to move away from my trusty old Pronto TSU9600. Tighter Dune integration is high on my list! I think I can get media browsing (aka guide) to work using only web pages, but playback status feedback and scrub/seek would be great.

Has any progress been made getting playback progress support integrated? It looks like I could probably make some progress using the DDK, but it would be much easier to start from the current built-in device. I also have a Smart D1 and have integrated it using JavaScript with the Pronto if you need any hands on protocol details. It is pretty automation friendly but like everything has a couple of quirks.

Until I get my full guide working, is there any easy way to add page up and page down commands to the device (P+ and P- in the Dune docs)? http://dune-hd.com/firmware/rc/