Duplicate [remote] Design

I have two DirecTV DVRs used in two Zones, so I’ll have four instances of the same remote design. I edit the first one, moving the buttons around so that they are efficient and familiar, and I save it in the first Activity (Project DVR3). It controls the DVR whose MAC address ends in D9. Let’s call this remote design “DVR REMOTE”.

This same design I want to use in three other instances; one where it controls the same device but from another room (Zone); and two others that control the other DVR in two places.

Logically, when I edit the other Activity in one room for the other DVR, I could simply make Opens Remote=(the correct DVR according to MAC adds) and Remote Design=DVR REMOTE. This means the layout is the same, but it controls DVR4. Is this how things are supposed to work?

But let’s say it’s not. Let’s say I have to avail myself of the Duplicate Design button. This gives me DVR REMOTE 1. I rename this DVR4 REMOTE. This now has the layout I want, and when I save in this second Activity, the Opens Remote=(DVR4) and the Remote Design=DVR4 REMOTE. This Activity should open the familiar remote design and control the second DVR. Is this the way things are supposed to work? If so, do I need to duplicate two more times for the other room? Or can I use DVR REMOTE and DVR4 REMOTE to control the respective devices (which have been added to the second room)?