Easy way to enter STB channel numbers?

I made an activity of Cable Favorites, complete with all my favorite channel logos. Is there a faster way to enter the channel numbers for each logo button other than what I am doing: entering three separate commands for each number with 300ms delay for each logo? Is there a way to enter the three numbers all at once without making each digit its own command?

Some IP controlled devices like TiVo and DirecTV have .CHANNEL SET commands that allow entering complete channel numbers in one command. Typical infrared set top boxes take each digit as an input. Presumably you want to create a favorites Remote Design because there is no guide for your country?

Thank you.

My guide works fine, but I am trying to create a page that is nothing but logos. No guide data is necessary.

I’m in the process of seting up a Pop-Up activity that just holds channel logos for favorite channels as well. The giuide data is nice and I use that often, but their are times that I just want to go directly to a favorite channel. Anyway, the Pop-Up activity with channel logos works well – especially with the use of .CHANNEL SET.