Ecobee 3 Thermostat

Hi… Can you tell me if you have had any talks with Ecobee Thermostats with regard to offering compatibility. I recently installed one after taking back a Honeywell Lyric due to functionality issues. IMO, Ecobee 3 has built a product far superior than both Nest and Honeywell. A quality product will hopefully work with another quality product, Roomie Remote someday soon.


Paul Dodds

I’m considering Ecobee 3 as well due to it’s support for multiple temp sensors. As a new Roomie user, I am certainly interested in integration into Roomie even if I have to do it via my Vera Edge controller. Any updated info on Ecobee 3 support within Roomie?

I am now an Ecobee3 owner and would love to be able to control it through Roomie. I’ve got Roomie controlling all my AV equipment as well all my lights, door locks and garage door opener through my VeraEdge. The only thing that is missing is support for my Ecobee3 which should be fairly simple to port since the Ecobee API is widely available. Please add support for this thermostat. You support Nest but the Ecobee is far superior to the Nest product in my opinion and having support for Ecobee would likely lure Ecobee customers to the Roomie Remote app as well.

Want to suggest support for this as well, sounds like a better thermostat than the lyric by a mile based on reviews and as good or better than nests, with the added bonus of being supported by apple and sold in the apple store (something I am not sure will continue for long with nest). Also likely it will incorporate or the company will support homekit which is a concern for me being in apples ecosystem with nest making no effort to incorporate.


If api is available as stated above, hopefully the roomie team looks into this one soon, i have been holding off picking out a smarth thermostat for a year now and this looks to check all the boxes except support in roomie.

A new version of the ecobee 3 will be coming out in July that will support HomeKit. Could you guys possibly use HomeKit as a means to add roomie support? I guess that won’t help current ecobee customers but would be great for future customers.

No reason to need HomeKit for it. If we support this device, we’d control it directly. We have one of these, but it’s a heavy integration so would need a software release.

Thank you.