Email or Push notification of Simple Hub updates

Not a biggie but…

For those of us running Simple Hub on “headless” or hidden-in-the-closet Mac Mini’s, it would be helpful if updates to Simple Hub were announced via an email or Apple Push message in addition to a prompt on the Mac console.

Just looked at my Mac console and found a notice there for an update that may have been sitting there for days or longer.

We may just switch to a fully automated update system with no user interaction. I think that better matches the model of what is really a background server app that must be kept up to date. Or make it a user option.

FWIW Simple Hub (the hardware) has a fully automated daily update that requires no user interaction.

There will be a major, breaking release of Simple Hub in roughly late July. All clients must be updated as well as Simple Hub itself at that time for significant new functionality.

Thank you.

Also, on the update notification panel on macOS, there is a checkbox labelled “Automatically download and install updates in the future”. If you check that box, it should install future updates automatically.

From time to time, an update may be major enough that we may intentionally break that, but in general that should be a good option.

Thank you.

I am looking to purchase the hub but I wanted to understand more about your statement above. Are you saying a new hub is coming out later this month? Just trying to figure out if I should wait till the end of the month.

Simple Hub is the software. The Simple Hub appliance sounds like what you’re referring to. No changes to that anytime soon.

Thank you.