Enumeration of Indigo Devices during Slider Configuration

When I configure a button for the Indigo (Light Automation) device type, Simple Control enumerates the list of devices from Indigo.

Though it seems when I want to configure a slider (brightness feedback), no such enumeration takes place. This forces me to type in exactly the device name I wish to attach the feedback to. I have over 100 devices in my Indigo system. If I mistype or, mis-guess the exact device name, Simple Control just hammers Indigo with an invalid device name trying to update its status. For now, I have have to switch into the native Indigo App to double check the device name. Its just the inconsistency in the behavior between the button and slider that I find really annoying.

I’d like to request that Simple Control perform an enumeration during any button type configuration, not just the button.