Epson EH-TW9300 Projector serial codes

I’ve just bought an Epson TW9300 projector (5040 in US) and I’m controlling it serially using the Epson Projector All Models codeset.

That codeset is missing a couple of items. There is a new Colour Mode called Digital Cinema and the Colour Mode called 3D THX doesn’t work. This last one isn’t too much of a problem as the correct 3D Colour Mode is automatically triggered when a 3D film is detected.

The projector also has a lens memory function and I’ve been able to find the code for this and implement it successfully using the custom code DDK. Its format is “POPLP XX” where XX is 01 to 10.

Can I ask you to add this to the Epson Projectors All Models codeset or let me have the format of the Colour Mode code and let me figure it out myself?



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