Epson home cinema 4010

I have a simple control blaster with an epson home cinema 4010. I’ve added it in the custom code sets, learned the ir commands, but no response… I’ve also tried adding it as a custom device using port 4352 and no luck. The ‘telnet ipaddress 4352’ thing doesn’t yield a confirmed response.

Any idea why the learned ir commands don’t work? I’ve placed the blaster and the tentacles or whatever they’re called, in front of the remote receiver on the projector so I think I’m doing it right… any advice would be appreciated.


IR learning is a highly analog process you would never want to perform except in extremely rare cases. If you have heard of the brand, or if it is in any way popular, the device is already in our library. Epson is one of the biggest brands in the market, it is quite safe to say the built-in codes are perfect and in use by many users.

(Note that this is an example of the kind of posts that get moderated out because they’re run of the mill support, this seems like a good reminder as so many users try to learn IR codes for no reason that I often feel like it would be better to take IR learning as a feature out.)

No, please don’t.
Maybe just a message to try “like model” IR code-sets first.

  1. Epson 4010 is very new, so try IP (ethernet) control first.

  2. IR control should work. My Epson 8350 works fine.

  3. Remember the blaster/emitters are individually configurable.

  4. The larger blaster piece will reach (all components) within a few feet, but will not reach the back of the room where the projector is. I used an inexpensive “IR over RF” extender set.