Epson TW9300/ 6040UB

Hi, Just wondering if this projector could be looked into an perhaps added for IP control.
I have have tried whats currently programmed in the system but unfortunately nothing.
I know things are busy with the new version being released, but if this could be looked into that would be great. Or if anyone has got it working via IP, if you could share how it was done.
Unfortunately I have no experience in creating a custom file, so I would have no idea how to go about.
Anyway thanks for a great product

I have the Epson 5040ub and IP control works perfectly…
I’m not in front of my projector now but I know you have to go into it’s settings and turn on Control 4 and theres another setting that needs to be turned on I believe…im sure you can find it by googling your projector model and ipcontrol.
Once in Simple you have to manually add it as an Epson Projector LS10000 I believe and set it to port 4352…
Hope this helps you out.

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Thankyou so much! The control 4 setting did it.
Appreciate your reply. I can now power on and the projector via IP! This is awesome
Now you wouldn’t happen to know by any chance how to add a couple more commands would you?
Specifically being some memory settings?

I have the 5040ub as well, working great with the LS1000 setup over IP. I also would love to know how to add additional commands, for example how to trigger lens memory1 and lens memory 2 to switch between 2.35:1 and 16:9 content. That’s the only thing keeping the IR remote around, is that possible via DDK or some other way?

I believe it is possible via the ddk, I just have no idea how to add them

Yeah it has basic IP control for anything else you’d have to control it thru IR.