Ethernet to wireless for IP control

Hi. I am on the fence of getting roomie…and I have a question. I have a JVC RS55 PJ that is sitting in the back of the room, and at that time, I don’t need any IP connection so I did not pull an CAT5 cable. with Roomie, it does offer IP control, so I now have a need for this… I do not want to pull any CAT5 cable, so I am thinking to get one of those ethernet-to-wifi adapter, and then it can wifi to my router. I do not think roomie should care, as long as it gets an IP… however, I just want to confirm before I go place the order. any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

From my experience, as long as the device in on the same physical network (wired or wireless) and on the same IP Network (IP range and subnet) then Roomie doesn’t care. You may have a very small delay in control/feedback due to using wireless but it should be minimal if at all noticable. But these can vary depending on the AV device, wireless devices each end as well as the usual wireless inferance around the house.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looks like I will be OK. Will try that out!