Family Packs pricing

I am sure many others are in the same boat, multiple phones and devices on their own Apple ID.

My family of 4 are on their own accounts and at $80+ per person to get all features is a tad steep. Is there any thought for a ‘Family Pack’ pricing ?



That is not really how the App Store works. In general, while buying an app for each account is the simplest solution, it is not absolutely required. Just because you purchase an app on one App Store account does not necessarily mean you can’t for instance put it on your wife’s phone. It does mean that downloading any updates to the app would require your password. That’s pretty much the whole difference. We discuss the topic here:

Oh didnt know that…I am from the Android school…just got a iPhone as its our work standard. So might do a $10 gamble and get the base app and try to get it on the wifes as well.


That link discusses multiple devices tied to 1 Apple ID…this is not what I was referring to…we and many others I suspect have, in my instance 4 devices tied to 4 Apple ID’s…

there is no way I can get the App on those other 3 without blowing away all their purchases and identities to use my ID , which is not going to happen.

So back to the original question…

That’s exactly what we’re talking about. You can put your app on their device. It has no impact on their apps or other settings.

From the other devices sign in with your apple I’d account and download the app then update the in app purchases made through roomie. They can then sign on to there own apple I’d and go… The only downside that I know of is the auto update through iCloud doesn’t work. I backup and update the other devices via one Dropbox account…

Ok I’m also missing how this is supposed to work. How do you sign on with my apple ID, download the app, then sign back in with the users ID ? It seems to me that the App Store has been designed to prevent this type of activity. There is no clear way to sign in with anything other than the owners user ID. What steps have to be taken.

Sure hope there is a way to do this.



Ok… being a total Apple newbie… and the original poster I have literally just got this to work. I was under the assumption that your phone and its contents were linked to 1 Apple ID and more importantly if you change the Apple ID on the phone, it wiped the contents and replaces it with the content of the ‘new’ Apple ID.

This I found is not the case doing it as below:

1: So I downloaded the Roomie App + all in app purchases via my iPad App Store ( My Apple ID)

2: Then on my wife’s iPhone I changed her Apple ID to my Apple id.

3: Went to the App Store on the phone, searched for roomie remote. The App no longer has a price showing but says ‘Install’. So I installed it.

4: Opened the Roomie app and proceeded to the In app store to update the inapp purchases.

5: App is now fully installed

6: changed my Apple ID back to My wifes ID

7: Setup now complete

So this is all you have to …