Finding IP Devices

There have been quite a few times where when I try to turn on my equipment an IP device won’t respond - usually the Directv box. It will work however, when I press the Edit and the add a device buttons. As its going through the search, the message pops up telling me that it found a device. Then when I cancel out of the Edit 99% of the time it works after… Anything I can do to fix this?



I have recently been noticing this as well from both my Denon AVR1613 and 2113 devices. Originally I thought the devices had some internal network sleep that would engage after a certain period of time while not being used. But after testing with the Denon app it works fine and does not exhibit this behavior,

I have tried using fixed IPs and DHCP as well as reserving an IP with my router (all have had no effect).

Sorry I have no answer directly, I can just corroborate your observations. Hopefully one of the support team has an idea.

Take a look at 1.8 as we’ve made some improvements in this area. In theory 1.8 will be available very soon.