FIOS Aciontec Rev I and Global Cache

Since I did not see this in the FAQ or Forums, I am posting this here hoping it may help others in the future…

To discover the Global Cache devices on wireless with newer revisions (I think rev-e up but not 100% sure) of the Actiontec router, you need to disable the IGMP proxy…but on new firmwares of at least my Rev-I model, they removed the link to the screen to do this…

Apparently you can still disable it however - based on the info at the end of this post:

SO if you need to take care of this, point your browser to your-firewall-ip/index.cgi?active_page=6059

Hope this helps someone…

Roomie team - would it be possible to allow manual entry of IP/Port for the GlobalCache to avoid this issue entirely?


Good find.

We have supported manual addition of iTachs since 1.8. Just use the IP of your iTach and port 4998.

Thank you.

FYI, before you go to that page on your Actiontech router, login to it, or you will get a message about not being able to read cookies.

This solved my problem. It is common enough that I think you should put the manual port #4998 in the Quick Start Guide page in the FAQ.