Fixed IP Addresses?

Just trying out SimpleControl 5 for the first time. I’m controlling (so far) a Marantz AV7703, LG OLED B7, Apple TV 4k, and a Sonos system. SC5 is the first (only?) remote solution I’ve found with full IP control of these devices.

My question is should I set up my TV, processor, and Apple TV with fixed IP addresses? Would using fixed IP addresses make for easier configuration and greater reliability? FWIW, they all are on my hardwired ethernet network.


I would set static IPs on the device (preferably) or on your router - as you add more devices (and multiple devices of the same type, like a second apple tv in another room) it is a lot easier to keep track of them. For instance I have 4 pioneer receivers and if one stops working I can do a quick network scan to look for it since I know that the Family Room receiver is .181.

SC will follow a device, so if its IP changes it should make the necessary adjustments. You may not have run into since it is likely your devices have retained the same IP unless you restarted your router.

This is a bit addictive since more and more devices can be controlled via IP, and older IR components can be controlled with a simple blaster.

We have AV equipment in 9 rooms (including outside) and haven’t touched an IR remote (except for setup or troubleshooting) in about 5 years