Fixes in 1.9.3

The following fixes or improvements are part of the 1.9.1 release today:

• DirecTV HR44 models now auto-retrieve C41 client devices just like we do with the HR34.
• Improved caching when adding devices resulting in faster device additions.
• Added section indexes to Add Device brand list.
• User codes supplement import is now much more forgiving about incorrect formatting.
• Fixed crash if no .MOUSE SET command existed for a device that enabled screen viewing. (eg. un-updated MCE Controller custom devices)
• Fixed rare Denon radio feedback parsing crash observed from field.
• Fixed migration issue with DirecTV devices not having correct device type. Retroactively re-migrate all DirecTV devices.
• DirecTV and Comcast Cable Original Remote images should now be selectable again.
• Added Roomie Agent for OS X to the Web product list in product.
• Fixed inability to set “Repeat While Touched” on Remote Design commands.
• Fixed creation of some feedback buttons.
• Various additional fixes.

Thank you.

The following fixes or improvements are part of the 1.9.2 release today.

  • Fixed streaming feedback for Denon receivers in all zones greater than 1.
  • Fixed creation of a new learned command set in a fresh install.
  • Fixed bug with 20 second delay option.
  • Adjusted mouse control viewing screen by a few pixels on iPhone screens to make sure the absolute edges of the screen can be reached.

Thank you.

The following fixes or improvements are part of the 1.9.3 release today.

  • Fixed timing issue with feedback on some Denon receiver models.
  • Sonos Radio now works again.
  • Fixed issue that prevented multiple commands to a Sonos device from executing properly as part of a command list.

Thank you.