Full HTPC Support

Hi Guys, Firstly a big THANKS as I have 99% got my setup sorted and I think its the first time I’ve got everything I want configured on a single remote!!

A key device in my setup though is a HTPC and whilst MCE Controller helps with running WMC, it falls short of easy mouse/trackpad controls if you need to access other programs or IE on the HTPC. I’m sure I’m not alone in needing full HTPC controls - do you have anything in the works to assist? I think I may have mentioned previously I currently revert to HIPPO remote (uses VNC to connect) for windows or key program hotkeys as well as extensive keyboard and trackpad support. I suppose i can flick between the two apps but ideally would like to use a single app/remote for full universal control of my home theatre setup.

P.S. I’ve tried to use MCE controller for more extensive control but find the need to program/map new commands limited as I have had to map/override per the existing command set in the MCE remote list (they are not a full list of available commands). But even so it is a bit technical vs the ease of setup in Hippo…