GC-100-12 and Sony HW-50ES Projector

Anyone using a Sony HW-50ES Projector using the GC-100-12 controller?

Have been unsuccessful so far. At first though the cable length might have been a problem, so switched from a 15ft to 5ft null modem cable (have seen problems with cable length before when using serial with some devices).

Appreciate any ideas.


Controller: GC-100-12 with firmware version 3.2-12

Serial: RS232 / 38400 Baud / No Flow Control / Even Parity

See: roomieremote.com/serial-compatibility

Projector: Sony HW-50ES using Roomie’s VPL-VW-1000ES profile

The GC-100 series is deprecated. That’s probably not the cause, but is worth noting.

The HW-50ES is more likely to use the VPL-VW100 commands rather than the 1000ES commands. There are two Sony projector serial code styles and both of them are in the library so one or the other will work if everything else is configured correctly.

Thank you.