Gefen HDMI 4x4 Matrix Control

I am tryin to control a Gefen HDMI Cat5 4x4 Matrix like this one:

This is the manual:

How should I enter the commands in the Roomie plist file? I can control the switcher from my laptop by simply entering 1 through g for the 16 different commands eg. 1 for HDMI 1 on output 1, 2 for HDMI 2 on output 1 and so on. This is the plist file that I am trying to use:

That RoomieCodes file looks correct for that. You may want to check the baud rate and other serial settings on the iTach Flex web page (not inside Roomie).

Thank you.

It appears that the issue is not related to roomie. I can’t control the Gefen switcher even when I use the iTest utility from Global Cache.