Generic IP control of Mac


I have a device called TellStick that sends 433,92MHz RF signals to my lighting. It’s plugged into the USB port of my Mac and I can easily dim and switch off all my lights using my computer or iPhone.

It’s not IP Control compatible, but I was wondering if there’s an application that will let me map various functions of the Mac and display them as commands in Roomie Remote. For example, the TellStick can be controlled by terminal commands. It would be easy to have an application that maps a terminal command with an action available in Roomie Remote.

Do you guys know if that’s possible?

Any other possibilities with Roomie Remote and a Mac computer?

Certainly, you can create a custom command set for Roomie that does the equivalent of whatever you would be able to type in any telnet-like session. So if you’re just entering terminal commands, you should be able to do that. The Custom Device DDK provides information on creating custom devices like that:


I’m also a tellstick ( user and wondering if there is a way to link the roomie remote to tellstick. I was thinking that instead of controling via telnet-like sessions there might be a link between Roomie Remote and Eventghost (which is controlled by simple UDP commands than then starts different operations e.g. tellstick commands)

I believe this would be a much simpler solution. I.e. is there a way to control Eventghost from Roomie Remote? (I know iRule have this feature)


Thanks for a great app!


I think what we need is a Roomie-compatible app that turns a Roomie command into any kind of command set by the user. Not unlike the superb RemoteBuddy app, you could set any command to perform any function in any app. It’s not geeky and easy enough for anyone to set up.

Of course, this app would have to be TellStick aware to control it, but there is a workaround that involves the Terminal. One could send a terminal command to control the TellStick connected lamps and that seems easy enough to do with an app like that.

Of course, a purpose-built app would be the ideal solution, or, even better, Telldus Live integration directly in RoomieRemote.

AFAIK, SwitchKing is Windows-only.

You will find several references to Remote Buddy usage in the forums. There is also a command set in the Roomie library today for some basic Remote Buddy integration:


So if you can get Remote Buddy to do what you want, you should also be able to get Roomie to send the command to it to engage that.