Global Cache Flex-IP-P iTach Same Device

I’m a Harmony user today and with their recent announcement of shutting down, I’m looking at alternatives. I have two devices (Zone Amp controllers) that are both IR controlled. One thing the hub allows me to do today is assign each one to its own port so I can control which Zone Amp I am sending the commands to. I’m assuming I would need two Global Cache Flex IP-P to make this work and thus if they have different IP addresses, will I be able to control them independently with Roomie Remote?

Is there a different solution I should be looking at?

GC Flex adapters typically come with Triport cables that give you 3 independent channels per adapter. Marketing brand names may differ from whatever we call them, but they are all the same cable made by GC.

See page 76 of the Setup Guide:

If the target devices are near each other, you may need to use an emitter cover to eliminate crosstalk: