Global cache GC-100-6 Fault

Hi can anyone offer some advice. I have been using Roomie remote successfully for a few years now, however having just moved house roomie will no longer find the GC100 worse still now all the ir emitters are constantly on!!

I have tried the fracture reset to no avail and in need of help to get things working!!

We recommend the iTach adapters for all purposes.

We have seen the behavior you describe (rarely) in the past and generally it just resolves itself with enough resetting or time in our experience. You’d need to contact Global Caché support for real support with that issue.

Just to underscore the point, we recommend the iTach adapters for all purposes even if you already have one of the old GC-100 boxes. They are now multiple architectural generations behind with countless improvements introduced in the iTach and then iTach Flex lines. This issue and many others lead us to strongly encourage upgrading.

Thank you.