Global Itach Flex wifi adaptor same as Roomie's version?

I have 2 of the branded older branded Roomie (or Simple control) Itach flex wifi adaptors and just wanted to make sure I could use the Global Cache FLC-SL-232 Flex Link RS232 cable with it.

I need rs232 control, which has more control options for an Epson LS12000 projector vs the standard infrared codeset.

The correct cables should be linked in several places on the website.

Here is the normal RS-232 cable:

Here is the other one, a mini RS-232 cable usually used for Samsung TVs and a few others:

(I can’t find the right Amazon link at the moment for the mini jack cable, clearly there is some problem there, I’ve ping’ed Global Caché.)

Thanks Will. I just ordered one (below), which I believe is the one you referenced.

looks like I grabbed the last one in stock on Amazon. Thanks again