Google Home and Smartthings

Hello all,

My current setup includes the original Roomie Remote Blaster Ethernet. I also have a Vera Lite hub that ties in all my zwave devices (light dimmer switches and Yale Touch keypad lock and a RTSP Foscam network camera.

Now that Echo and Google home are out, I would love to have voice activated commands. Based on what I am reading, it appears that google home does not integrate directly with simple control. However, I do see that google home works with Smartthings Hub and that Smartthings can be integrated with Simple Control. So by the transitive property (A=B,B=C, then A=C) does that mean I can theoretically have Google Home work with Simple Control? are there or would there be any restrictions or pitfalls if I go this route? I prefer getting a Google home since I am a dedicated Google user and the google home’s other functionality (reminders, notes, google search, etc.) far exceeds alexa’s IMO.

If this works, I would get rid of my vera lite and re-sync my zwave devices (lights and door lock and cameras) with a new Smartthings hub. I assume I would be able to control my lights via voice command through google home, would i be able to control my TV and optimum tv box via google home voice commands? (turn on/off TV, channels, DVR, etc.)

Thank you!

Attempting to go VoiceThing -> SmartThings -> SC is not going to give you satisfactory control in my opinion. While SmartThings can trigger us, it would be an elaborate network of triggers to make it useful.

I think the notion that Google Home is something you might prefer should be analyzed. Google Home is nascent. They barely have an API and it has only existed a few months. I would give it a couple years to mature. Alexa interfaces with really anything that has any such integration.

Vera and SmartThings are both perfectly good ZWave interfaces. I would interface the voice solution with Simple Control as you’ll then have a broader solution for controlling everything rather than just the subset of things that your ZWave box understands. And we support Alexa extensively using both the Custom Skill and the Smart Home Skill.

Thank you.