Google Home integration

Any plans for integration with Google Home? There is integration with Echo/Alexa and looking to see if that similar functionality will be available for Google Home.


We are looking seriously into this.


Any Eta? I think that it will work better with google assistant .

+1 Google Assistant support is ideal. I’m holding back on going all in with Simple Control because it only supports Alexa, and I prefer Google Assistant.

Hi Will. Really excited for upcoming google assistant support. You think it will happen this year?

Is there any info on if Google Home support is coming? I recently switched from my Echos to Google Hubs and I couldn’t be happier. I’m using a work around to have my ISY trigger Simple Control activities, but it can be a little slow sometimes. Full integration would be great!

Just wondering if there is any movement with GH integration? I’m considering going deeper with my SC/ISY/GH setup, but I’d rather wait if if GH support is coming.


We finished Google Home support, but then it got entangled in the lengthy and painful approval process for such skills that we just don’t have time for right now. I think for this year most likely we will continue to focus our efforts on Alexa and Siri. I would anticipate a number of key improvements on the Siri side this Summer from Apple that we will support, and adopting Siri is quite simple for our entire user base whereas the synergy of adding Google Home support is more like adding Android support. We could do it, it would attract new users, but it’s really not the best choice for most of our existing users, and in the end takes away resources from providing the best targeted solution. Anyway it’s all just a matter of priorities right now.

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Hi its now june 2020. How about the google home integration…since the nest mini is out now some time already and is growing in numbers.
When is roomie finallyl coming whit the integration ??? or better said what about some prio on this!

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I would re-iterate what I said over a year ago which is that this is not likely to be a focus. We are fully allocated through at least this Summer with new features and iOS 14 related changes. Those usually extend through the end of the year. I would strongly recommend using Siri or Alexa as before.

Putting time in to Google stuff also relates to whether Google has a positive stance related to their home ecosystem. It is safe to say that is currently a full head-on disaster since Google shut down their Nest APIs for everyone last August and has yet to introduce any viable replacement. So on multiple fronts from Google Home to Nest, it is not the best time to try to integrate with Google. Meanwhile, both Apple and Amazon are the opposite.

Hey Will.

With a greater focus on Alexa is there a plan soon to expand the 2nd Alexa skill to support Australian English. I know it has been kicking around for a while and you mentioned a year or so back that there was some issues adapting to the new API. So wanted to see if there has been any developments on this front.
This second skill just makes using Roomie so easy via Alexa and it is a last skill that needs to be ported for me to be able to move everything to the Australian Amazon site.