Govee Lights


I have installed Govee Recessed RBG Canned lights in my Theater. Is there anyway to get these lights working with RoomieRemote?

I have it working in Apple HomeKit via HomeBridge but I am not finding any good information for Roomie on this topic.


We control anything in HomeKit. Whether there is a direct control protocol I have no idea.

I second this request Govee lights are getting more and more popular, good quality and many options at almost 1/2 the cost of Philips Hue, they have an open API as well…hope to see a direct link…


I was very impressed with their booth at CES and might be getting a bunch of these for a game room. I’m not sure why/when anyone would use them for home theater purposes, but regardless this API is a very detailed thing that would require numerous test devices. As a general note, this is a cloud-based API like SmartThings. So everything would be a bit slower than a proper LAN API like Hue. No timeline here, but it’s possible.

Thanks Will for the consideration…BTW they do have a LAN API

They seem to have killed the LAN API at least in modern devices. I got something this week and it does not work on it. If you look at everything out there, nothing is using it basically. Seems like they deprecated it and now you have to use the Cloud API. I don’t have an API key yet so I’ll come back to this later.

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This product line is a disaster. I like the lights themselves, but whoever is handling their API/control needs to lower their Adderall dosage. Look at this:

So they have 4 different possible APIs. Each of them works with different devices in what can best be described as “mostly random” ways. The LAN API is essentially useless, only supports a few devices. The most compatible seems to be getting the user’s actual account credentials and going in through that – ignoring the cloud API key thing above because that one is not even listed here because it is such crap. The cloud API has a rate limit that has been described as something regular users run into every single day, and requires each user to request their own API key – rather than the normal path where we get an API key that serves all users of our apps.

So, actually, they have 5 APIs. All of them terrible. Not sure yet what I’ll do here, The AWS method supports the largest array of devices by far, so probably I’ll go down that road. I already have the LAN API, but that doesn’t work with my test device and the list of supported devices for it is very short.

The Cloud API was sufficient to implement in a supportable way. It’s a Cloud API, so a little slower than I’d like for lighting, but these kinds of lights are not that speed sensitive. You will need to get your own API key by using the button in their app to request it, so you can do that now if you don’t already have one. That gets pasted into the Roomie device. You will not (at present anyway) need to provide your full Govee credentials to the app. This will be in the next release.

Thanks Will this is good news, however l am not sure how to discover this, I go to add a cloud service but cannot see Govee, I did get the API Key anyways