Graphic UI editor for personalized layouts

Hello all,


I readed in one thread you’re working on a “GUI xml editor” to be able to created personalized layouts.

The idea is great as i think this is the main roomie weak… the question is: do you have any estimated date for the first release (maybe beta version)???



I’d be willing to test :slight_smile:

Same here, I have a few custom remotes to build that would benefit from this a lot. I’m more than willing to test any software for this too :slight_smile:

This would be really cool

I am sure this would be very popular. Personally, I would be prepared to pay for such a feature.

Hello Support team,


Can you please give us an update about the status of this feature?, i’m pretty sure this wil make a huge difference between you and the competitors as your software is the most intuitive and user-friendly in the market.


I think personalized remotes is a Top Priority for your software.


Thanks in advance

Just to play devil’s advocate here for a sec.

I think one of the great things about Roomie is the usability of the core design of the user interface. Providing a GUI editor would really mess with the look and feel of Roomie - which I think would actually hurt their brand.

The lack of the editor actually does separate it from the competition. Being able to program this app WITHOUT external software is one of its best features. I love not having to mock up an interface in Photoshop then cut it up and build it in a GUI editor while programming each button by hand.

If you need that level of control there are apps like iViewer and iRule that already have this level of customization that work great. But I really don’t think Roomie wants to be that kind of app.

And let’s face it - most people designing these remote interfaces are doing an AWFUL job. This app has a great design and modern feel. I think the folks at Roomie would be remiss in letting users mess with this too much.

Just my 2 pennies…

Hello Jkirk,

I’m sorry but i’m fully disagree with you, roomie is an incredible app but not in terms of personalized layouts.


For sure this is the best app for non profesional people due the fact of the autodetect devices and the inclusion of all the commands inside but if they develop a layout designer tool with the autodetect option this will be the best remote app far away from the others as the biggest problem of these apps are the learning curve as you need to add all commands by hand and in most of the cases you need to find out the internal commands in different websites as they doesn’t have it included into the app



We think a better question here is: what is it you cannot do using the existing customization tools?

Certainly one of the fatal flaws of the previous generation of software in this area was that they are way too complicated and often relied on this concept that an end user is able to design their own remote from the ground up including button visual design – something that was obviously not going to happen or would regardless end in some variation of UI disaster. Years of horrible looking designs can be found as evidence of that, designs that will never be understood by anyone other than the person who designed it. We don’t compare ourselves to such products as the vast majority of our users have neither the interest nor the time for such work, and we believe the end result is also usually horrible.

So, again, the question we ask is what the user really wants to do. Almost all such questions can be solved in a significantly better manner than simply throwing up our hands, giving up, and resorting to a pure editor – that’s just lazy and trying to have the users do the work that should obviously have been done by trained UI designers, pixel-perfect visual artists, and software engineers (like Roomie).

It is often natural in a complex question like this to believe that it is too complex to solve and thus one should just have this huge and confusing editor that nobody can use properly. That’s not likely to be a course we take, and we believe Roomie demonstrates exactly why. We will however be implementing real solutions to the real issues users want to handle related to that. The key is for us to make sure we’re aware of those, and that is what we’d like users to let us know.

Will Price, Founder
Roomie Remote, LLC