Guide no epg data

I am using Roomie for a while now, and I must say i am very happy with this remote. The only thing i think is not so great, is the tv guide. If i select canal digitaal HD channels together with my area code, i get the wrong not complete list. I postet this before. A solution was to select Caiw HD netherlands. But now since a few days, also with this one, epg data is missing for several channels (ND1HD, ND2HD, ND3HD, Veronica). So, the tv guide is not my favotite thing of Roomie Remote. Maybe it is possible to make this better?

Any guide data errors should be reported to support with your country, Postal Code, provider name, and examples of up to 3 channels that have incorrect data and what data you were expecting if the data is incorrect.

Ok, tomorrow I will try to do that.

Message send to (I used the contact sheet)

Is it possible to use the direct mail, and attach pictures?

Would make it easier…