Guide problem with new v5.5?

I’m running v5.5.1 of the Simple Control app on my iPad. I have successfully added a Guide provider and a Guide using that provider. However, I am unable to associate the Guide with any of my activities such as “Watch Tivo”. When I goto Settings->Guides and then select my guide, it shows “0 activities” for the Configured Activities. If I press the right arrow next to “0 activities” in order to associate the Guide with a particular activity, nothing happens. There is no response to pressing that arrow. How do I associate a Guide with a particular activity in v5.5? The section on Guides in the new 5.5 Setup Guide mentions nothing about associating an activity with a guide. I was successfully able to associate a guide with a activity prior to the 5.5 update. Is this a bug in 5.5 or is there a new way to associate the guide that I’m just missing?

You just don’t worry about it anymore. You’re describing the way the old product worked. The V5.5 product no longer requires that setting. Open your Activity, open the guide icon, select the guide you want to pick something from, tune or play something from it, and it is automatically associated with your current Activity (as long as the same guide is not already associated with a different Activity in the same room in which case you’ll just switch Activity.) Contact Support with any questions.

Thank you. I thought something wasn’t working correctly since pressing the Guide icon resulted in only DVR contents showing by default. Then I noticed the DVR button in the bottom right hand corner of the Guid window and that allowed me to select live tv.