Guide's Search Feature

The search feature for the guide is a very useful thing. The thing is, when I search for a channel and I find it through the search, I can’t change the channel from that screen. It only shows me the information about that channel and the broadcast time. Is there any way to get to that channel directly from the search guide option or that is the way it works?


Great question. I have the same issue.

Would you clarify exactly what the steps are here? For instance when you say “search for a channel”, what does that mean exactly? Normally, one would search for a show or movie, etc. Given a show or movie, Roomie will display “Next On” information. Are you referring to the “Next On” display in that you’d like to tune that channel (even though almost always that program would not be on now)?

Thank you.

For example, I subscribe to Showtime ( a premium channel on Comcast). I would like to watch a particular episode of a series. I can search the Comcast Guide and view info about the episode, but I cannot select it. SO it’s really not selecting a “channel” pre se, but rather an episode within a series. Now I have to cursor down the list, select Showtime, then Showtime Series, then the episode. There are at least three menus I have to naviagte through.