HAI (Leviton) Omnipro II control

With such a number of enthusiastic HAI Omnipro users out there who I’d think would overlap somewhat with enthusiastic Roomie folks, I’m surprised I haven’t yet found any useful info on integration of the two.

Is there Omnipro support for roomie that I’ve overlooked? Will have to try to look into info on more generic IP control of omnipro to try to see what’s possible otherwise…

+1 for HAI Omnipro support.

The most robust solution would be for Roomie to establish an authenticated TCP connection to the Omni using the omnilink II protocol.

A workaround that you might be able to do yourself is to use the older, less robust prolink protocol using a serial connection to your panel.

+1 for HAI Omnipro II support

+1 for HAI Omnipro II support