Hang while searching for WF2IR

Frequent connectivity loss is most likely a local network problem which is somewhat common in Wi-Fi networks.

However, we would also note that the label “Searching” in the Add Device panel in Roomie should not be confused with a network connectivity indicator. The WF2IR only broadcasts every 45 seconds or so. So within a 45 second window, a “Searching” label in Roomie on a WF2IR would be meaningless.

Commands not being received however indicates a larger network connectivity issue. We recommend first upgrading to 1.5 to see if the problem still occurs and if so there may be a Wi-Fi signal issue.

Thank you for your response. I have investigated further and the problem seems to be in the way the app works on an iPad. For example, during the iTach’s unresponsive times, where I can still send commands to the IP equipment but not the WF2IR, I can go to the “Add a Device” function in Roomie, and no equipment gets found or listed. At other times the equipment shows up, but not the ITach. HOWEVER, if I turn the wifi on the iPad off and then on again, and repeat the add device process, ALL the equipment, including the iTach, show up immediately.

While cycling the iPad’s wifi remedies the problem, the iPad never loses its connection to the router or internet during the times it cannot find the equipment or iTach using the Roomie application. The connectivity difficulty is isolated to Roomie not finding the equipment or iTach.

Is there a known way to fix or improve this by router band restriction or some other remedy you may be aware of so that Roomie can see the devices on the network as reliably as Safari can reach a URL without having to cycle the iPad’s wifi?

I’m having very similar behavior with IP2IR and Roomie 1.5. Of note, it didn’t seem to be an issue with prior versions of Roomie. Nothing else in my configuration has changed.

We’re not yet hearing/seeing any reports of this in support. Our best guess is that perhaps a specific device on your network may be causing an issue. However, if you contact support we can likely figure out what is going on using the Collect Diagnostics procedure.