Harman-Kardon 2650

Hey everyone, just wanted to know if anybody got this to work via IP control. Harman-Kardon has their own app to work via IP but I do not see it as an option when I look at the Receiver list. Did a search on the forums here but no luck and the closest thing I saw was that the reason it might not be listed is because it uses the same codes as another device but it was never listed what device it mimics.

I also have Harman Kardon AVR 370 (3700) with ip control. Any chanse that you will put these devices in anytime soon?

We haven’t received many requests for that, so it’s not likely in the near term that we would purchase the necessary hardware to develop internal support for that. We do provide a custom device DDK however for advanced users to add support for custom IP control:


Thank you.