Harman/Kardon AVR 1700 via IP

I just picked up a Harman/Kardon AVR 1700 for a really good price. It has a network connection and it has an IP address on my network. Any chance Roomie can control this receiver? I tried to add it manually, but Harman/Kardon does not show up in the list of receivers.

My other choice is a Denon AVR-1613. My guess is that receiver is supported by Roomie (and may even be a better receiver), but it’s $100 more than the H/K, which is $100 I could put towards an iTach which I’ll need for my TV for the forseeable future anyway…

The 1613 is indeed IP controllable and the HK is not.

I have the 1700 as well and I do controll it through IP. No issues at all.

Sorry for my last comment. I have a Denon 1713 and it is controlled with IP.

Why is the AVR1700 not IP controllable? There is an iPhone application that controls it. Do they NOT publish the codes or does it work in a funny way?

Just to clarify, when we say “not” above, we mean it’s not on our list, not that it is physically impossible. We often find especially with manufacturers like Harman that the underlying codes are actually another manufacturer’s codes that we already have. (McIntosh is a common example of this) So if you find the codes you might first want to try similar brands before putting them into the DDK.

Anyone had luck finding a code for this device? All of my other devices are controllable via ip and would like to start using roomie rather than the separate HK app.