Harman Kardon AVR 3600 Zone 2 Volume

We have a fix coming up for this in the next library update.

This is now fixed.

You guys ROCK! I have not personally tried the updated codes yet, but my customer said he would tonight. I’ll be there tomorrow and will try them myself as well.

Thanks for your awesome responsiveness!

P.S. I also LOVE how you have XBMC and Sonos IP control. Those are two typically troubling product sets for the “big” vendors like Crestron, RTI, etc.

Along that line, for customers who want to have a more traditional remote setup, is there a way one could use Roomie as a kind of proxy, so the customer could, for instance, have an RTI remote that speaks to you and uses some of your IP drivers to ultimately control devices that they have issues with? It would still be full revenue for you. I’m thinking of situations where the customer wants to have a more traditional setup for their main home theater or media room, but would like to use Roomie for their ancillary rooms like kitchen, master bedroom, etc. Let’s say they have XBMC in their main home theater, though. They could use Crestron or URC or RTI talking through you to get to XBMC…

Roomie does not itself have a control interface to be controlled by some other automated system, so we think that would be unlikely to work. In general though, using both Roomie and another product at the same time works modulo some oddities like 2 emitters on one device, etc.

Just a quick note to let you know that I visited my customer yesterday and the library update did the job. Thanks again.