Harmony configuration import?

I was wondering if anyone has a method for importing device/activity config from a Harmony remote. I realize it’s probably a longshot, but I installed Roomie over the weekend, then realized what a task it would be to set up 12 devices + activities, so I put it on my todo list and have been dreading it since.

I have used Harmony remotes for years with multiple devices & activities. When I switched from my Harmony One to a 900 I was upset to say the least when I discovered I couldn’t transfer my programming that took me hours to create. I had to completely start from scratch. I have been using Roomie for months now & there isn’t a way to transfer your Harmony info to Roomie. But I love how easy it is to create an activity, add a device or make changes on the fly. There is no comparison in my opinion. So it may take you a little time to learn the ins & outs & set everything up, but it won’t take you as long as you think.